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Ⅰ.单项选择 1.[2018·保定莲池一模 ] I was looking for a birthday gift for my mother, but I couldn’t find A.something B.anything C.nothing D.everything suitable.

2.[2017·贵港] —Why did his father buy that phone watch for him? —Because the GPS in the watch can help him to avoid A.to lose B.lose the way.

C.loses D.losing 3.[2018·张家口一模] —Are you going to Russia to watch 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer? —I’m not sure. It A.depends on time.

B.cares about

C.agrees to D.finds out 4.[2017·徐州] The lake is very big—it A.puts up B.sets up three quarters of the area.

C.takes up D.picks up 5.[2019·原创]TrumpCard ( 《王牌对王牌》 ) became one of A.the most popular B.more popular C.much popular D.popular 6.[2018·南充] —When is the school art festival? —It will be held on time if it A.don’t rain B.won’t rain next Monday. TV shows last year.

C.doesn’t rain D.didn’t rain 7.[2018·菏泽改编] The Boeing 737 of Cuba airline crashed(坠毁) in Havana on May 18, 2018, which more than 100 deaths.

A.caused C.forced

B.influenced D.increased when they are tired.

8.Drivers are warned A.drive B.to drive C.not to drive D.not drive

9.Our world will get better and better A.before B.if

each of us lives a greener life.

C.while D.until 10.[2018·扬州] —When will your sister go to England? —She A.went to London since four months ago. B.has gone to D.has been in

C.has been to

Ⅱ.[2017·重庆]阅读理解 A 12-year-old girl from Virginia, US, never thought that a simple message she put online could bring her big problems.She posted the words, “Killing.Meet me in the library on Tuesday”, with three emojis(表情符号) of a gun, a knife and a bomb (炸弹) on Instagram, a social media(社交媒体).She was told that she broke the law because of threatening(威胁) her school. This problem is not far away from us.Not long ago, Ni Hanxiang, a Chinese student at a university in the US, was sent back to China after expressing on social media that he would kill his teachers if he failed to pass his exams. In China, posting threatening words online is also against the law.In 2013, Wu Hongfei, a singer, got into trouble for saying on Weibo that she wanted to blow up a building. “Threatening happens not only face to face but also through the Internet, social media and the telephone,” said Mr.Cao, a lawyer from Chongqing.“Although the law of China protects people’s right of free speech, it doesn’t include words that threaten others’ lives and national safety.” “Some people may not mean to threaten.They may just be trying to say ‘I’m


strong’, ” said Fred Pratt, a lawyer from the US. The girl’s mother said her daughter was a good kid who had never been in trouble before.Ni Hanxiang also said he didn’t realize that what he put online was so serious. “But not knowing the law doesn’t mean the law will treat you any differently if you break it,” said David Allen Green, a lawyer from the UK.So, do you think we’d better spend a minute or two thinking about the words or emojis we use on social media before we press “send”? 11.The 12-year-old girl from Virginia posted the words, “Killing. Meet me in the library on Tuesday”, with three emojis A.in her own diary B.in a letter to her friend C.on a social media D.on the wall of the library 12.Ni Hanxiang was sent back to China A.because he broke the US law B.because he wasn’t honest C.after he killed his teachers D.after he blew up a building 13.From this passage, we can infer(推断) that . . .

A.Fred Pratt thought some people may not mean to threaten B.the girl’s mother didn’t think her daughter was a bad child C.cheating in an examination at school may get you into trouble D.putting threatening words on QQ may bring you problem 14.This passage mainly wants to tell us that .

A.we shouldn’t break the US law if we study at a university in the US B.students and singers shouldn’t post words or emojis on social media C.students should study hard at school and not use the Internet too much D.we should be careful when we send words or emojis on social media Ⅲ.[2019·原创]任务型阅读 阅读短文,并按要求完成 15~19 题。


Animals are people’s friends. But many of the wild animals are facing the danger of dying out. The Siberian tiger is one of them. Siberian tigers can be found in forests in parts of Siberian and Northern China. The tigers are becoming extinct (灭绝) because people hurt many of them and are destroying their living places. Another animal in danger is the Tibetan antelope(藏羚羊). In the early 1990s, there were millions of Tibetan antelopes in China, but by the 1990s, the number of them had fallen to about 50,000. People hunt the antelopes for their wool. The wool of the antelope is soft, light and warm, and it is very expensive all over the world. Hunters can make a lot of money by selling their wool. The Chinese people have begun to protect the animals and seem to be winning. Now the number of the Tibetan antelopes is rising. It’s important to protect the wild animals. Now many wild zoos have been built in China. In the zoos we can see the animals we have heard of but have never seen. I think we can make friends with them by taking care of them. 15、16 题完成句子;17 题简略回答问题;18 题找出并写下文章的主题句;19 题将文中画 线句子译成汉语。 15.People hunt the antelopes for their wool and can 16.We can protect wild animals by their wool for money.

and making friends with them.

17.How many Tibetan antelopes are there in China by the 1990s?

18. 19. Ⅳ.[2019·原创]词语运用 根据短文内容及所给提示,在文中的空白处填写一个正确的单词。 Pandas are now a 20.s of China. Many people around the world love pandas, (live) in

too. Scientists say there are now fewer than 2,000 pandas 21.

the forests. Another 300 or so live in zoos or research centers in China and other 22. ( country ) . Pandas do not have many babies, maybe only one 23.e (ill) and do not live very long.

two years. The babies often die from 24.


Adult pandas 25.s Many years ago, there 26.

more than 12 hours a day eating about 10 kilos of bamboo. (be) a lot more bamboo forests and pandas in China, these forests. As the forests get smaller

but then humans started to cut 27.

and other human activities cause more problems, pandas cannot find enough to eat 28. they are having fewer babies. 29. (lucky), Chinese government

is taking action to protect pandas. Ⅴ.连词成句 30.about, I’m, Easter, collecting, information . 31.is, Easter, of, one, biggest, the, holidays . 32.same, it, fall, doesn’t, on, day, the . 33.symbols, rabbits, new, are, of, the, life . 34.the, for, had, children, fun, hunting, eggs .

参考答案 Ⅰ.1.B 2.D 动词 avoid 后面接名词、代词或 v.-ing 形式作宾语。故选 D。 3.A 4.C 句意:这座湖很大,它占据了这片区域的四分之三面积。put up 意为“举起,挂起,张

贴”;set up 意为“搭建”;take up 意为“占据”;pick up 意为“捡起,拾起”。故选 C。 5.A


6.C if 引导条件状语从句时,遵循“主将从现”的原则,主句是将来时,从句应使用一般现 在时。故选 C。 7.A 分析句意可推知:客机坠毁造成 100 多人死亡,cause 意为“引起,造成”。故选 A。 8.C 9.B 10.D 句意:自从四个月前她就在伦敦。have gone to 意为“去了”;have been to 意为“去 过”;have been in 意为“一直在”。故选 D。 Ⅱ.[主旨大意] 来自美国弗吉尼亚州的一名 12 岁女孩从未想到,她在网上发布的一条简单 信息会给她带来大麻烦。她说:“杀人。星期二在图书馆见我”,并附上三个表情符号:一支 枪,一把刀和一个炸弹。最后她被告知触犯了法律,因为威胁到了她的学校。无独有偶,其实 在其他国家或地方也发生过类似的事件。 11.C 细节理解题。根据第一段第二句“She posted the words, ‘Killing.Meet me in the library on Tuesday’, with three emojis of a gun, a knife and a bomb on Instagram, a social media.”可知,Instagram 是一种社交软件。故选 C。 12.A 细节理解题。根据第二段“Not long ago, Ni Hanxiang, a Chinese student at a university in the US, was sent back to China after expressing on social media that he would kill his teachers if he failed to pass his exams.”并结合文章第一段来自 美国弗吉尼亚州的 12 岁女孩的事件可知,在美国这种行为是违法的。故选 A。 13.D 推理判断题。 通过文章的三个事件可知,我们明白虽然言论自由,但是通过一些社交媒 体散布的不当言论会给自己带来麻烦。故选 D。 14.D 主旨大意题。根据文章最后一段“So, do you think we’d better spend a minute or two thinking about the words or emojis we use on social media before we press ‘send’?”可知,我们最好花一两分钟来思考一下我们在社交媒体上使用的单词或表情,然 后再按“发送”。故选 D。 Ⅲ.15.sell 16.building wild zoos 17.About 50,000. 18.Animals are people’s friends. 19.但是许多野生动物正面临濒临灭绝的危险。 Ⅳ.20.symbol 21.living 22.countries


23.every 24.illness 25.spend 26.were 27.down 28.and 29.Luckily

Ⅴ.30.I’m collecting information about Easter 31.Easter is one of the biggest holidays 32.It doesn’t fall on the same day 33.Rabbits are the symbols of new life 34.The children had fun hunting for eggs