PEP小学英语六年级上册Unit4A let's learn课件

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Unit 4 I have a Pen Pal
Part A Let’s learn

What are your hobbies?

pen pal/p? l/

pen friend

你会把下列单词变为相应的-ing 形式吗?
playing the piano watching TV running reading books draw ing pictures singing collecting insects ing dance

make ing planes

playing chess cooking singing playing ping-pong playing football Reading books listening to music playing computer games watching TV swimming

Let’s talk!
---I can draw pictures.

Can you draw pictures?
---Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. ---I like drawing pictures. Do you like drawing pictures? ---Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.

playing basketball. swimming.

动词第三 人称单数

She likes swimming. Her

hobby is swimming.




I am swimming.

I like swimming.

What is your hobby?
? sing

↓ +ing

? singing

What is your hobby?

? dance

↓去 "e" dancing

I like dancing. Dancing is my

do kung fu
What is your hobby? doing kung fu. I like doing kung fu.

do kung fu
What is your hobby? I like doing kung fu. My hobby is doing kung fu. Doing kung fu is my hobby.

read stories
What is your hobby? I like reading stories.

Reading stories is my hobby. My hobby isreading stories.

What is your hobby? I like ….ing .

……ing is my hobby. My hobby is…


singing songs

playing football

playing the violin

What’re your hobbies ?
reading stories


I like....

Let’s chant!

What are your hobbies?
Swimming,swimming, I like swimming. Playing, playing, I like playing football. Reading, reading, I like reading stories. Doing, doing, I like doing kung fu. Singing, singing, I like singing. Dancing, dancing , I like dancing.

了解别人爱好问: ? What’re your hobbies?
? 回答: ? I like+动词的ing

1. collect→ collectingplay→playing watch→ watching ? 总结:一般情况下直接加ing dancing ride→riding 2. make→ making dance→ ? 总结:以"e"结尾的单词,去"e"加ing. 3. swim→ swimming run→ running ? shop→ shopping stop→ stopping ? 总结: 有些单词要双写最后一个字母,再加ing


What’s her hobby?

She likeS swimming

He / She likes ….

hobbies dancing playing the violin Sing English songs sing singing make kites playing football reading stories dance doing kunghobby fu

Let’s talk

What are your hobbies? I like….ing .

What are your hobbies? I like…

climbing mountains singing English songs drawing pictures dancing flying kites making kites reading books riding a bike skiing

going hiking

going shopping
playing basketball playing the piano reading stories running

painting skating

What’re your hobbies? I like_____.
skat(e)ing danc(e)ing rid(e)ing a bike mak(e)ing kites tak(e)ing pictures singing flying kites going hiking watching TV playing football drawing pictures

What do you see?

swimming running jogging

? 试着向组内某一个同学问问其他学生 的兴趣爱好。
? What's his/her hobby?

? He/she likes....

A:What’s her hobby? B:She likes …/ Her hobby is …

Read and write!

My hobbies
1. 2.



Hello! My name is Zhang Peng. I can play football. playing football I like_______. I’m going to play football this afternoon. singing I’m going to sing Hi! I’m Chen Jie. I can sing. I like_________. English songs this evening. doing kung fu I ususlly do Hello! I’m Mike. My hobby is ____________. kung fu in the park. stories my hobby. I’m going to Hi! My name is Amy. Reading ____________is read stories in the library this weekend. What is your hobby? dancing I often dance Hi! My name is Ouyang Jie. I like_________. every week. What about you?

Let’s say!

My hobby
I like dancing.
My hobby is dancing.

Dancing is my hobby.

Let’s say!

My hobby
I like ….ing.
My hobby is ……ing.

……ing is my hobby.

Let’s talk!

My hobby
Hello! My name is You Lulian. I can read. I like reading books. I’m going to read a book this evening.

What about you?

What are your hobbies? I like 加 动词的(-ing)…..



doing kung fu reading stories playing football